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Computer Diagnostics - When your machine’s performance is not up to par, we willl conduct a complete hardware diagnostic to determine why. Our evaluation includes hardware testing, (and verification of suspected failures) scanning for viruses, and other malware. On desktop computers, we will even inspect your motherboard for leaky capacitors, confirm the fans are operating properly, and ensure dust is not affecting your system.

Windows Upgrade - We will upgrade you to the version of Windows that you buy or bring in. We generally DO NOT recommend upgrading vs. a fresh install because of potential system performance issues, but if you prefer the upgrade, we will make sure you have the required updates to be fully compatible with the new version.

Windows Installation - This is a fresh install from a Windows CD/DVD, which is often needed after a hard drive failure, severe virus, or malware infection.  If you do not have the CD that came with your computer or if your computer did not come with one, we have install CDs for most versions of Windows. We simply need your license number—found either on a sticker on your computer or on the CD case of a purchased copy. As part of the service, we will also install hardware drivers for such things as your modem, graphics card, video card, etc. And perform all critical windows updates as needed.  All you willl need to do when you get home is turn on the machine and start using it.

System Cleaning - Dust and dirt are enemies to your computer, and a system cleaning is the required physical side of computer maintenance. For desktop computers, we vacuum all dust and debris from inside the tower. For laptops, we remove all the grime from your keyboard and fans.